My name is Jessica and I am a 25 year old wife to Kyle and a mother to 4.5 children.

I guess I should start with my story. I struggled for a long time with my faith. I always believed that I had everything under control and I was going to be able to write my own destiny. I had plans to graduate from college and be a teacher. Eventually I would get married and have kids but still have a career and everything that the world tells me a woman needs to have. It took a lot of hard lessons and breaking of my strong will to finally realize that I am not in control at all. My plans are not my Fathers plans, and my ways are not His ways. Frankly, if someone would have told me 10 years ago that I would be in the place I am now I would’ve thought they were nuts. I mean, who ever imagines that they will be a stay at home mom to so many of God’s most precious blessings?

However, this blog isn’t just about being a mom. It’s about being a homemaker, a homeschooler, a budgeter, a wanna-be cook, a crafter, an activist, and a lactivist. But most importantly, it is about being a woman of God.

I’m excited to go on this blogging journey with you all!


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