My Simple Little Life: Girly Bedroom Do-Over

I got really excited when my 5 year old daughter decided that she could clean her room by herself. REALLY excited. Like maybe, “I went a little too far” kinda excited. I really didn’t go into her room after we moved unless it was to tuck her in at night and get Eden up in the morning and put her to bed at night. Madison said that she had it, she didn’t need my help, she could put her own clothes away and clean her room, ect. Sweet! One less room I had to keep tidy. Well, the other day, while looking for the perfect area to start to “minimize” in my “quest towards simplicity” I opened Madison’s closet door. HOLY TOLEDO! Everything, for the past 3 or so months had been shoved in there. I was FLOORED (I mean, why wouldn’t I be? A five year old is totally capable of maintaining a clean bedroom, putting away her clothes and her sisters clothes, and organizing all of her craft supplies and play crap). This… THIS would be the room that I worked on. I started emptying her closet, almost immediately I found her DSi XL that had been missing for 10 weeks under a pile of outgrown clothes that I had asked her to put into a box to save for her little sister (Gosh I’m an idiot sometimes). I slowly peeled back the weeks and weeks of items that were discarded into the closet in an effort to “keep her room clean.”  Half-way through I took this picture:

:: SIGH::

As you can see there is a butt ton of stuff to go through, organize and get rid of. And four days later, it has made its way from being strewn willy-nilly all over her bedroom to being in a gigantic heap in the middle of the floor. There it sits… waiting.

Stay tuned folks. This week that room will go from a giant mess of “what the heck was I thinking??” to a (hopefully) well organized and minimalistic (is that a word??) space for both Eden and Madison to enjoy and be able to spend some super-awesome-girly time together.


“This is why we can’t have nice things!”

Start the video around the 6 minute mark, and then end it at the 8 minute mark. It seems like a pain but its completely worth it.

Now just substitute the lamp, table, and piano for… oh I don’t know… EVERYTHING IN MY HOUSE, throw in the occassional wrestle session from daddy, and instead of buggles make it Cheese-its and Pringles all over the floor. And this friends… is my life. Yes, those are two grown adults, but I feel like 4 kids fighting the same way equals at least two grown men.

And THAT is why we can’t have nice things! 😉

My simple little life…

Since moving to VERY rural Nebraska I’ve noticed a couple things about myself:

A. I really CAN live on very little money (haha)

B. I love living a simple life

C. I can make things even more simple than they are now

What is living simply? In my opinion it is living without frills, doing things yourself instead of outsourcing or buying, downsizing and minimizing and most importantly focusing on what is most important in life.

So, for the next couple months, I’m going to have this blog focus on that, simple living. I’ll explain different ways that we live as simply as we can (or as much as my family will allow me).

I have to say I’m super excited about this…. like really really excited… and I’m already dreaming up new ways to live simply that maybe I haven’t considered before! lol

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial. The father, joyfully back to school shopping with his kids, while they follow behind with their heads hanging low in despair. If not, please see exhibit A:

I know a lot of parents that feel this way, I get it, they get a break! The kids are occupied. They don’t have to listen to fighting, complaining and the ever present “I’m bored” comments. But this year I find myself in the minority. I am not liking back to school. I have to wake up earlier, my big helpers are gone all day, and its WAY too quiet in the house.

I know what you’re thinking, why don’t you pull C and M out of school? Homeschool them! And my answer to you is, “I’D LOVE TO!” But something we’ve said from the beginning is that homeschooling needs to be an individual choice. I will not force my kids to be home with me as much as I will not force my kids to be at school without me. At the beginning of the year we ask them, “Would you like to be homeschooled or would you like to go to regular school.” Last year my second oldest wanted to be homeschooled, so she was! It was great year and she learned a lot! This year, she wanted to be in regular school. Last year (and really every year) my oldest wanted to be in regular school. They decided, they exhibited their autonomy, and I’m PROUD OF THEM.

However, now I’m feeling something I never thought I would. I’m feeling EMPTY! I’m feeling SAD! And I feel not nearly as busy during the day. Here ya go, I can hear you now, “Uhhhhh, Jessica, you have 3 other kids at home, including a NEWBORN!” I know, I know! But it’s just not the same! I miss my kiddos. I miss all the playing they do together. I miss my 7 year old cuddling up with me during quiet time and telling me stories and all about his great ideas. It’s lonely without them.

The really great part about them being gone though is that I get to have some AWESOME special time with my 3 (almost 4) year old. I’m discovering more and more that he is a RIOT! He loves being homeschooled (maybe he’ll want to continue?) and I can already see his little mind growing and changing as he processes some of the things we go over.

So, for now I’ll suck it up. I’ll enjoy my quiet time with my handsome man and little ladies. And I’ll wait anxiously for Christmas break, when I’ll get to have all 5 of my small people with me every day, even if its only for a handful of weeks.

The Transition from “My Baby” to “Boy”

“Yo waddup mom?”

My head spun around like a top. “I’m sorry, what did you just say to me?” “I said, ‘Yo, waddup mom?'” I very quickly squashed that poor use of something that is supposed to resemble the English language. He is 6.5! I thought I had more time than that!

We always say that our children will always be our babies. They will always be young enough to hug, cuddle, and be reprimanded. But when will us calling them “our babies” go from being truth to being a figure of speech? I think that “when”, at least for me, is now. My 6.5 year old little boy is very quickly becoming WAY too independent. He showers by himself, can fix his own food (thankfully he still would rather I do it), has begun questioning my reasoning when I tell him what to do, and is coming up with weird phrases like “waddup” and annoying things like that. Of course I am doing my best to correct poor speech and actions but it is becoming more and more clear to me that the little baby I used to fall asleep on the couch with in the middle of the night is no longer my little baby.

This is not to say that I won’t hold onto whats left of his child-like dependency with everything inside of me. But it is to say that maybe, JUST MAYBE, I should learn to let go a bit. It’s okay to let them experience life the way they need to, it is okay to let them make mistakes, it is even okay to allow them to leave the house in mismatched socks (oh who am I kidding, all of our socks are mismatched). For now I suppose I will embrace the rapid development of my (not so) little baby boy because the tighter I hold on to him, the more he will push away.

Sometimes toddlers are like pets…

Lets face it, sometimes our toddlers are the best puppies we will ever have. I’m not saying it to be mean, I’m saying it based on my observations of my own canine-like offspring.

My one year old:

-At meal times, if she isn’t securely strapped in her own seat, she crawls under the table waiting for the other kids to drop food on the floor.

-She will eat quite literally anything off the floor, cheerios, scraps, rocks, poop (oh yeah like you’ve NEVER had a kid poop on the floor), ect.

– She begs

– She tries to climb up my leg

– She randomly falls asleep on the floor

– She slides on the hardwood when she is walking to fast.

My three year old

– Has “marked” literally every room in the house.

– Runs the length of the house, from kitchen to bedroom, back and forth until he runs out of breath.

– Sometimes licks himself

– Also begs

– Has those big sad eyes down pat

– Is fascinated with his “privates”


So next time my older kids ask me (for the millionth time) for a puppy my response will be, “we already have two… now go walk your brother.”