“This is why we can’t have nice things!”

Start the video around the 6 minute mark, and then end it at the 8 minute mark. It seems like a pain but its completely worth it.

Now just substitute the lamp, table, and piano for… oh I don’t know… EVERYTHING IN MY HOUSE, throw in the occassional wrestle session from daddy, and instead of buggles make it Cheese-its and Pringles all over the floor. And this friends… is my life. Yes, those are two grown adults, but I feel like 4 kids fighting the same way equals at least two grown men.

And THAT is why we can’t have nice things! šŸ˜‰


My simple little life…

Since moving to VERY rural Nebraska I’ve noticed a couple things about myself:

A. I really CAN live on very little money (haha)

B. I love living a simple life

C. I can make things even more simple than they are now

What is living simply? In my opinion it is living without frills, doing things yourself instead of outsourcing or buying, downsizing and minimizing and most importantly focusing on what is most important in life.

So, for the next couple months, I’m going to have this blog focus on that, simple living. I’ll explain different ways that we live as simply as we can (or as much as my family will allow me).

I have to say I’m super excited about this…. like really really excited… and I’m already dreaming up new ways to live simply that maybe I haven’t considered before! lol

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial. The father, joyfully back to school shopping with his kids, while they follow behind with their heads hanging low in despair. If not, please see exhibit A:

I know a lot of parents that feel this way, I get it, they get a break! The kids are occupied. They don’t have to listen to fighting, complaining and the ever present “I’m bored” comments. But this year I find myself in the minority. I am not liking back to school. I have to wake up earlier, my big helpers are gone all day, and its WAY too quiet in the house.

I know what you’re thinking, why don’t you pull C and M out of school? Homeschool them! And my answer to you is, “I’D LOVE TO!” But something we’ve said from the beginning is that homeschooling needs to be an individual choice. I will not force my kids to be home with me as much as I will not force my kids to be at school without me. At the beginning of the year we ask them, “Would you like to be homeschooled or would you like to go to regular school.” Last year my second oldest wanted to be homeschooled, so she was! It was great year and she learned a lot! This year, she wanted to be in regular school. Last year (and really every year) my oldest wanted to be in regular school. They decided, they exhibited their autonomy, and I’m PROUD OF THEM.

However, now I’m feeling something I never thought I would. I’m feeling EMPTY! I’m feeling SAD! And I feel not nearly as busy during the day. Here ya go, I can hear you now, “Uhhhhh, Jessica, you have 3 other kids at home, including a NEWBORN!” I know, I know! But it’s just not the same! I miss my kiddos. I miss all the playing they do together. I miss my 7 year old cuddling up with me during quiet time and telling me stories and all about his great ideas. It’s lonely without them.

The really great part about them being gone though is that I get to have some AWESOME special time with my 3 (almost 4) year old. I’m discovering more and more that he is a RIOT! He loves being homeschooled (maybe he’ll want to continue?) and I can already see his little mind growing and changing as he processes some of the things we go over.

So, for now I’ll suck it up. I’ll enjoy my quiet time with my handsome man and little ladies. And I’ll wait anxiously for Christmas break, when I’ll get to have all 5 of my small people with me every day, even if its only for a handful of weeks.

Sometimes toddlers are like pets…

Lets face it, sometimes our toddlers are the best puppies we will ever have. I’m not saying it to be mean, I’m saying it based on my observations of my own canine-like offspring.

My one year old:

-At meal times, if she isn’t securely strapped in her own seat, she crawls under the table waiting for the other kids to drop food on the floor.

-She will eat quite literally anything off the floor, cheerios, scraps, rocks, poop (oh yeah like you’ve NEVER had a kid poop on the floor), ect.

– She begs

– She tries to climb up my leg

– She randomly falls asleep on the floor

– She slides on the hardwood when she is walking to fast.

My three year old

– Has “marked” literally every room in the house.

– Runs the length of the house, from kitchen to bedroom, back and forth until he runs out of breath.

– Sometimes licks himself

– Also begs

– Has those big sad eyes down pat

– Is fascinated with his “privates”


So next time my older kids ask me (for the millionth time) for a puppy my response will be, “we already have two… now go walk your brother.”

Moments for Myself

My morning starts at a (not so) bright and early 6:15 in the morning. I wake up and hit the ground running: getting C on the bus for 7:10, everyone fed, husband out the door, diaper changes, nursing the baby, laundry started, dish washer emptied… mostly done by 8:30. These things aren’t so much a choice as they are a necessity because the rest of my day is full as well with dinner prep, more laundry, bill paying, kissingĀ boo-boosĀ  homeschooling M and M, vacuuming (whoever decided that a dining room should be carpeted should be SHOT… seriously), breaking up fights, ect.

I don’t say all this to receive accolades or sympathy, but more to explain how I keep my sanity. I quite literally schedule moments for myself. Once I get C and hubs off to school and work, respectively, I give M and M free play time in the boys room and put the baby down for a early morning snooze (30-45 minutes). At this point in time silence befalls my house. I turn off the tv, put on some worship music, pour myself a coffee and read the paper/bible/blogs/whatever I enjoy. This time is truly mine. Yes there is the occasional “please go back in that room” or “if you wake up the baby I swear…” but all in all it’s mine to do what I want with.

Mom’s NEED this time. We need to know that part of our day is reserved for ourselves. It is a time to unwind, collect our thoughts, or just be able to hear ourselves breathe. Personally, this “me time” sets the tone for my day. There have been days that I haven’t been able to squeeze it in because of one reason or another and I am a wretched human being for the remaining 11 hours until I go to bed at night.

Maybe morning mommy moments won’t work for you. Your child(ren) are not at the age where they can play by themselves or take a morning snooze. That is ok! But I encourage you to designate some amount of time throughout the day for yourself whether it be nap time, lunch time or right after the kids go to bed. Put down the rags and cleaner, leave the kitchen a mess for a bit, and let the laundry stay bundled in the basket a while longer. A burnt out mom is no use to anyone, but being able to recharge, even for 20 minutes, gives you the emotional and mental stamina to tackle the rest of your day.

LB 428

In 1983 midwives first started practicing in Nebraska. Since 1983, however, it has been illegal for them to attend home births. What is shocking is that Nebraska is one of only TWO states in the entire country that have outlawed CNM assisted home birth. Why is that? Are they just behind the “times.” I don’t think so, as midwifery has been a commonality since, essentially, the beginning of time. In my opinion Ā it has to do with maintaining funding to county and state hospitals and the doctors who are employed by them. Home birth with a midwife costs anywhere from $2000-4500, whereas a vaginal hospital birth costs anywhere between $15,000-25,000. But that is a different post for a different day.

There is a Grassroots group called Nebraska Friends of MidwivesĀ that has proposed a legislative bill (for the second time) to remove the phrase “except that a certified nurse midwife shall not attend a home delivery” in the Certified Nurse Midwifery Practice Act. This bill, LB 428, is paramount for women in Nebraska. Why? It is no surprise that sometimes, when things are illegal, they continue to still happen “underground.” Home birth in Nebraska is no different. Unregulated and unassisted home births are still occurring every day. Passing this bill will allow for these women to have a “safe birth option” other than delivering in a hospital. Certified Nurse Midwives are trained and equipped for a multitude of “what-ifs” or “just-to-be-safe” situations, that lay midwives or parents may not be trained to handle.

NFoM and LB 428 has finally received its day in court! There is a hearing set for TOMORROW in front of the Nebraska Health and Human Services Committee. Here, women will be able to give testimonies regarding their own home birth stories, and CNM’s will be able to give testify about their standards of practice.

Please, any of you that are in Nebraska or know of people that are, please share this, raise awareness about the movement. But most of all pray! Pray for the committee members and the people giving testimony, because in the words of Matthew “…whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” (Matthew 21:22)