My Simple Little Life: Girly Bedroom Do-Over

I got really excited when my 5 year old daughter decided that she could clean her room by herself. REALLY excited. Like maybe, “I went a little too far” kinda excited. I really didn’t go into her room after we moved unless it was to tuck her in at night and get Eden up in the morning and put her to bed at night. Madison said that she had it, she didn’t need my help, she could put her own clothes away and clean her room, ect. Sweet! One less room I had to keep tidy. Well, the other day, while looking for the perfect area to start to “minimize” in my “quest towards simplicity” I opened Madison’s closet door. HOLY TOLEDO! Everything, for the past 3 or so months had been shoved in there. I was FLOORED (I mean, why wouldn’t I be? A five year old is totally capable of maintaining a clean bedroom, putting away her clothes and her sisters clothes, and organizing all of her craft supplies and play crap). This… THIS would be the room that I worked on. I started emptying her closet, almost immediately I found her DSi XL that had been missing for 10 weeks under a pile of outgrown clothes that I had asked her to put into a box to save for her little sister (Gosh I’m an idiot sometimes). I slowly peeled back the weeks and weeks of items that were discarded into the closet in an effort to “keep her room clean.”  Half-way through I took this picture:

:: SIGH::

As you can see there is a butt ton of stuff to go through, organize and get rid of. And four days later, it has made its way from being strewn willy-nilly all over her bedroom to being in a gigantic heap in the middle of the floor. There it sits… waiting.

Stay tuned folks. This week that room will go from a giant mess of “what the heck was I thinking??” to a (hopefully) well organized and minimalistic (is that a word??) space for both Eden and Madison to enjoy and be able to spend some super-awesome-girly time together.


Moments for Myself

My morning starts at a (not so) bright and early 6:15 in the morning. I wake up and hit the ground running: getting C on the bus for 7:10, everyone fed, husband out the door, diaper changes, nursing the baby, laundry started, dish washer emptied… mostly done by 8:30. These things aren’t so much a choice as they are a necessity because the rest of my day is full as well with dinner prep, more laundry, bill paying, kissing boo-boos  homeschooling M and M, vacuuming (whoever decided that a dining room should be carpeted should be SHOT… seriously), breaking up fights, ect.

I don’t say all this to receive accolades or sympathy, but more to explain how I keep my sanity. I quite literally schedule moments for myself. Once I get C and hubs off to school and work, respectively, I give M and M free play time in the boys room and put the baby down for a early morning snooze (30-45 minutes). At this point in time silence befalls my house. I turn off the tv, put on some worship music, pour myself a coffee and read the paper/bible/blogs/whatever I enjoy. This time is truly mine. Yes there is the occasional “please go back in that room” or “if you wake up the baby I swear…” but all in all it’s mine to do what I want with.

Mom’s NEED this time. We need to know that part of our day is reserved for ourselves. It is a time to unwind, collect our thoughts, or just be able to hear ourselves breathe. Personally, this “me time” sets the tone for my day. There have been days that I haven’t been able to squeeze it in because of one reason or another and I am a wretched human being for the remaining 11 hours until I go to bed at night.

Maybe morning mommy moments won’t work for you. Your child(ren) are not at the age where they can play by themselves or take a morning snooze. That is ok! But I encourage you to designate some amount of time throughout the day for yourself whether it be nap time, lunch time or right after the kids go to bed. Put down the rags and cleaner, leave the kitchen a mess for a bit, and let the laundry stay bundled in the basket a while longer. A burnt out mom is no use to anyone, but being able to recharge, even for 20 minutes, gives you the emotional and mental stamina to tackle the rest of your day.