My 3 year old challenge

All of us with more than one child have that “one” kid. The one that challenges your every nerve and conviction. The one that makes you question reproducing ever again. The one that makes you consider starting on a six pack at 9 in the morning. It’s normal, I understand, we’ve all been there (please Lord tell me I’m not alone in that!).

I have always known that my third baby, Mason, was “that child” for me. He has always marched to the beat of his own drum in every way possible. He talked really late, but walked very early. He didn’t eat purees until he was 9 months old, but nursed around the clock until he was almost 2. But it wasn’t until recently that I really started to take a look at his behaviors and I began to get worried. Daily (almost multiple times daily) I’d say to myself, “He’s so much more than strong-willed, there has to be something more going on!”

Until last week, I’d been putting off getting him evaluated. Part of me wanted to know so badly what I was missing. Why was he NOTHING like my two older children. (I know every child is different, but this was so much MORE than different.) And the other part of me was genuinely afraid because I desperately didn’t want anything to be different about him, he’s still my perfect little baby boy with crazy curly hair and a spunk that I could only dream of.

Wednesday came around and his appointment was here. I nervously brought him in and we talked over a lot of things. All of his behaviors were analyzed. We watched his actions and then the Dr turned and talked to me. “We can’t officially classify him as anything yet,” she said, “but right now we’re going to call him hyperactive with a possible touch of OCD. We’ll reevaluate him once he’s in school.” It wasn’t at all the answer I was looking for. There was no start to make things better, no parental closure… nothing. I was told he needs to get as much activity as possible. If he gets antsy I’m supposed to bundle him up and have him run around the yard for 30 minutes. I need to keep him entertained and his mind moving.

So now, we wait. We do what the doctor has suggested and see what happens. Keep an eye on his development (which is apparently a little delayed) and his behaviors and just… wait. I have to say I’m frustrated that there is nothing intensive that we can do right now. I didn’t want to medicate him or anything, but maybe some sort of behavior therapy or head-start program so that every day doesn’t have to be such a challenge.

I will continue to do my own research and work with him the best way I know how. Through all of this I’ve just come to realize more and more that there is no cookie-cutter kid, even within the same family. Parenting philosophies and “modes of operation” are supposed to be tweaked and altered with each child. So… I will continue to alter… until I get it right! (Whatever THAT means!)