Thanks for the Prayers Bud…

There are some things that I believe need to be done in private. Making “THE” daily trip to the bathroom is one of them. I’m going to be blunt here but when you’re 17 weeks pregnant its a very prominent fact of life.

This picture makes me laugh every single time but its so flippin true!!! Let me set up this situation for you. You walk into the bathroom because you see that everyone is occupied so they shouldn’t even notice you left. You get ready, and in walks a little 3 yr old human being (even though you SWEAR you locked the door). You say, “Hey bud can mommy have privacy?” He says, “Ok, but first I need to pray for you.” How cute, he’s going to pray for you as he’s walking out the door! No…. “Dear God, thank you for mommy poopin’ and thank you for the toilet paper and a fork” I’m not entirely sure where or WHY the fork came into play, but it did. I thank him for his heartfelt prayer and ask if he is ready to get out. “No” he replies and stands there watching until I’m done.

One day we’ll get privacy back right? RIGHT?!?!

What is something funny that you’re little ones have done or said to you while you were in a “need privacy” situation?